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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ok it’s been three days since i posted. Hmm, rather busy with FIVE projects. Yes, FIVE. Your vision wasn’t distorted. Rawr i really detest ATTs, PLUS there’s more work. AHHH! Tomorrow there’s drama assessment too! Wonder who will be my partner?

Off with the blah and on to the joy. Today we beat Shuqun 2-0 and the B’boys beat Yishun town 2-1!! =D. Once gilbert spiked 3 times in a row and the third time he spiked through the blockers hands, tough fight i must say. For us, shuqun’s setter was sick, so they put in the fat #12 from hong kah primary, apparently he cant run, and #1 wasn’t serious in playing too, just hope they won’t meet us in the finals, so we can save ourselves some paranoia.

Oh yea! There are new pics of Ashley Tisdale on www.ashleytisdale.com ! And they look good! New album ‘ Guilty Pleasure’ coming soon, ‘It’s Alright, It’s Ok’ on 14th april on iTunes and radio! Can’t wait!







Ashley 2_0



Other pics

Ashley 3 Ashley 7

5:49 AM

Friday, March 27, 2009

Sigh, the recent event had just proved that, though you’re going on strong and cheated death a few times, doesn’t mean you’ll go on like that forever. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s better not to ask, some people are sensitive to this issue.
This has proved to us as a wake-up call, that anyone could go anytime, anywhere. She wasn’t my friend, but from what I’d heard after it happened, i could see that she was a nice girl. Good-tempered, well liked by friends and obviously loved a lot. I can’t really say much. I’m don’t know her. I’m not her friend. I haven’t even seen her before.

Just a note for you guys. Friends, treat them like you would water in a drought, for friends are hard to find and keep. Treasure each and every one of them, don’t do silly things like insulting them for the sake of humor. You wouldn’t know what they’d do. Friends go through ups and downs, don’t make them feel down on purpose, help them when they’re down. When your friends are happy, enjoy the moment, not everything lasts forever. So cherish whatever friends you have now, regardless of how close you are, or how many friends you have, for nothing is predictable.


"True friendship is like sound health; the value of it is seldom known until it be lost."
- Charles Caleb Colton

/edit: Before I forget, i really love you guys, my friends. Hope i haven't been bad to you all.

5:08 AM

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Woo today’s drama lesson was fun!!! We had Mock assessment and kailin wasn’t in class! so in the end had to pair up with cherie for a ‘breakup’ scene. Plus, there was an odd number of people so i also did the skit thing with Sarah, with me as the old grandfather and her as the granddaughter. No singlish was allowed so Sarah had to stop herself from calling me ah gong during the skit! So overall, Regina said me and Sarah were one of the best, though i contradicted myself by walking normally at the end. I also lagged during the skit when Sarah slapped me! =O So being one of the best in our half was quite unexpected. Daryl used too much Singlish also! Then he said ‘Coach, I’m sorry. Actually, I. Love. You.” then ‘hugged’ Peiyan. The hug was damn funny la! like robots hugging each other, never commit to their roles! –10 marks!

Today’s maths test was also quite okay, luckily i revised quite alot for this test, so i found most of it easy to do yet worrying, i even forgot the last step for the last question! ( Can’t say what because CERTAIN PEOPLE haven’t taken the test, so yeah.) After school i had vball also, ended quite early today, about 4.30 – 5, and i am here slacking for 2.5 hours already! I’m gonna start my D&T research soon, as i wait for Jingyin’s   PW report stuff to arrive in my inbox.  If not i will scare myself again when Mdm Abey asks about the report/work, cos i always have this feeling she’s gonna scold or something whenever she asks me PW stuff. YET, im always wrong. Hope i’m never right. Always left.



The sky seemed to blue today, as i looked at you, at your beauty and at your gracefulness. How i love clouds. 

P.S. The last sentence before this was crap, bet y’all thought i was writing to a loved one eh? PERSONIFICATION!!!

6:16 AM

Monday, March 23, 2009

Ok, so today had training again. ugghh. This week’s gonna be like, training match training match training. Just have to hope friday training is cancelled, then i can at least SLACK for a bit.

So today before training the 202, 204 and 206 vball boys were like playing  in a new marked playing area. Jiaolian split the court into two, then we played like that. Much easier to play but much easier to lose. Then we also learned a new trick! Ohh wait for the moment we will unveil the trick! During training, not sure how, i sprained me right wrist nearing the end, then when i set my wrist would be close-to-burning, which sucks. Now my right wrist has a nagging pain, the spray helped quite a lot though.

After training Mr Tan showed us an inspirational video which Mrs Yeap had shown the school before, about the guy who doesnt have arms and legs, and yet still can swim, surf, sail and the most  important thing, getting up on his own after falling down, without the support of anyone, only by using his head. The reactions of the people who were at the talk ( in the video ) was like =(. When the girls hugged the guy, dunno who go say he eat their tofu, lol!


Yeah, so now im back home after missing approx four 112s, first two came before i reached the bus stop, the other 2 i was influenced to miss ( PEER PRESSURE ) because zhangyi and jasper were there, then ask me stay. Zhangyi missed two 165s before i went back, and left the two of them at the bus stop. Now i have this &*^*&% wrist and undone maths, so im gonna do, revise then maybe play awhile before sleeping ( I CANT FAIL, I DONT WANT TUITION )


5:18 AM

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Well, im using Windows Live Writer again. Seems more convenient. Ok this week, Chuaxuan has been very &#&@%$, He had the list of names and such for the class tee, and he couldn't compile it on his own. He had to ask ME to compile it. Moreover, he only passed me the papers on thursday, andi im gonna compile it now. SO SORRY 202 peeps, the shirt will be delayed a week or so, if I'm right.


Today, i went to visit my gramma! I left home at 11 after slacking a home for less than an hour ( i woke up rather early! ) Then went to pick my Aunt up, pick my other gramma, and drop my bro off at the SUNTEC CITY Study Fair thing. He's gona register for 2 universities in Aussie! ( mrs raymond =O) But he's registering one at Perth and one at Queensland, not Darwin. So the hospital trip to visit my gramma was ok, and the doctor told us the risks for my gramma's bypass surgery. Failure rate 5% and she won't wake up until about 1 more day after surgery. Plus the doctor also said she's gonna wake up connected to many tubes ( just to prevent her from getting a second heart attack).



HOLIDAYS ARE ENDING!!! THERE'S SCHOOL TOMORROW, and i don't have the chinese worksheet, how great. Maths isn't all done + School starting = less slacking/procrastination time. About 5 projects going on now.



 DSC00131 DSC00132 copy

Pics that made up/is the blogskin pic. Feel free to rip. ( I cant upload one, don’t know why.)

3:47 AM

Friday, March 20, 2009

Wow i havent posted in 2 months nearing three, really a record! I’m using Windows Live Writer now, trying out something new. Im realllllly tired now, have been doing maths for 2 hours, and like completed half a chapter only. It seems like writing on windows live writer makes me think differently, and also write differently =O. WIndows live writer is just a small window, not like blogger and such.



Final edition 1 colour changed copy F

Final edition 1 colour changed copy B

Final copies of the Class Tee. Purply!

11:58 PM


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