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Friday, April 24, 2009

Ok, so i haven't posted for 10 days, i was really lazy.
To sum up the past ten days, it was really great. Firstly on the 18th, i was rushing my butt to places. First in the morning to school > TJC for THINK Challenge. After not-getting into the finals, i went off early to rush to the buffet at Swissotel, after that went LAN-ing with the c boys at Hougang green. AFTER THAT i rushed to church, late but not late for sermon. =P
So, life's pretty ok. My recent Chinese test failed by 1 mark, Physics short of A1 by one mark( i missed alot of the lessons ok!), Hist i got 10/12 despite being unclear about reliability skills. Nevertheless, i tried my best. Now all i ahve to do is just get myself to start revising for the MYE, since it's only about 1 week away.

MYE away, and its time to talk about NAPFA!
Inclined Pull-Ups : A
Sit-Ups: A
Shuttle Run: Not done yet
Standing Broad Jump: 230cm ( A )
Sit And Reach: 36( C!!!!! D: )
2.4km: 9 minutes 57 seconds.

I didnt really chiong like hell for 2.4 though i did chiong, but Raymond really improved eh, beat me by 20 secs this year. Still 4th btw.

Now, I'm sitting in my bro's room using the laptop. BECAUSE MY DANG COMPUTER DIED. The motherboard died a second time, just after half a year. Seriously, i want/need a new comp and i want/need a better internet connection. Preferably the 100mbps Optic Fiber internet thing, My comp would rock.


10:42 PM

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ok, 4 days without posting and people have been HOUNDING me just to get me to post.

Today, i forgot there was chinese tuition! then i slept from 5 to 8, woke up and realised had tuition. Chionged dinner then start tuition liao! In school, was freakingly tired! Physics test was sorta hard too. First time i got stuck on a science question i had studied for. OMG. Im sure to get quite low bah. Then Hist that time, i wanted to hand up the summary and stuff, then i didn’t know need design the thing. So when i handed in Mr tan said “ Why no design? Take back. ” but not in a fierce way, then i was excaliming. “ YOU NEVER SAY NEED DESIGN WHAT!! =(“  Then he said that he did. i like shouted at him back =O ( bad SLT) But it was sort of lamenting out loud. He was smiling or something? I don’t know what i do when im tired. A Tired Justin is a Cranky Justin indeed. =O. Lazy to post more, i wanna play!




WOO 2nd chiobu in my blog! Kim Yubin (Yoobin)

7:30 AM

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Yeah, we won Faiefield Methodist 3-1! All thanks to the people who cheered and Mr Louis Pang whose voice could be heard clearly. 02 people also created a cheer! However, The Bboys didn't win St Hildas', they were really fast in their short ball! But Xin Horng did a good job too. So put aside all the honour and glory, and talk about the present.

The PW Work was mostly done by me and Shua ( PPT ) Chua xuan helped with the report and Jingyin did A LITTLE WORK. Jasper did none =P. Today after school, Jingyin was chionging the Scrapbook and Jasper helped little, obviously distracted by the sight of Amanda. Then i also helped Si Wei shade her art and apparently i wasn't confident, scared of ruining her paper when it came to pen shading, so she did it herself and said "SEE! SO NICE!" =P. Had Post MYE comm meeting also, basically did nothing as loads of people were there and nothing could be done. Now i'm down with a cough, apparently after working late 2 nights before with a runny nose i think.


4:51 AM

Monday, April 06, 2009

Ok, I’m much better now. Thanks guys! But also, I'm not angry 99.9999999% of the time and i don't scold vulgarities 99.999% of the time, so me scolding all at one time is really freakishly scary.

Well, today had training again. Tomorrow’s finals against FAIRFIELD =O WE WILL WIN. Before elaborating on today’s training, i just have to say, WOO! MY English results are not bad, English Narrative had 25/30 and English ATT had 19/20! I think Mrs. Raymond’s quite lenient with us. However Nicholas Lau used the same storyline with a little tweaking and he got 17/20! If it is upon 30 then 25.5/30! Win me by a mark.

So today’s training quite tiring, one time my team lost than do 50 star jumps, rawr. Budden at the end got seniors come join us ( we still lost though) and we played a set. Again got the same kind of ball but no one say tyco today, but i say Zhiong tyco. I hit so hard and fast then unfortunately ( for us ) hit Zhiong’s chest very hard, then bounce off and jasper hit back to us. Irritating isn’t it? I thought i win the point liao lor, then so tyco =P

Ok, lazy to spam loads of crap


4:53 AM

Friday, April 03, 2009

You can choose to not read the following paragraph, Explicit material. Sorry for all the bad materials. Recommended for people with IQ 100 and up. Viewers’ discretion is advised.


I just don’t understand how faggots in this world can have such fucking low EQ.i always thought people had EQ over 100 that lets them think and feel regret, but i was wrong. This certain faggot irritated me though he gave slipshod work despite being given a simple task. Furthermore, this faggot plus a few other people didn’t even give a darn about the project. Me as the leader working till 1am, all they could do was smile some even ignored me for fucking unknown reason. The stupidest thing is that that faggot doesn’t even know how to send a darn fucking email. Turns out he has low IQ too. He can’t fucking explore the thing and see if it works through child and error like everybody does – except his girlfriend. To the fucking faggot: Just because you are better than me in my cca, are better friends with the good players, have a girlfriend and having IQ and EQ below 100 doesn’t mean you’re much better than me. So what if you’re better than me, accusing me wrongly was seriously fucking irritating, furthermore, you had to say “ like shit ” then give a fucking attitude. When i hit that ball, you said i was tyco. Then i can say you are tyco for every ball like that? Think about this you faggot, though i doubt you read my blog. Just because you have a better team doesn’t give you the fucking authority to be cocky and think that you are the fucking proest in the group. You obviously lost more balls than me then, and you still fucking shouted at me for no reason. 10 lost over 7 balls, then you never fucking shout at him? What the fuck is this attitude? I’ve tolerated you for ages, and i almost feel like stabbing you a hundred times. You obviously learnt nothing from the CC incident. You treasure nothing, sometimes you don’t care for your girlfriend, you also don’t care much about your friends’ feelings. You’re lucky to have such an adorable girlfriend who even defends you now, better treasure your fucking life. Someday in society you’re gonna die with that fucking attitude i tell you. Sodium next year?

3:51 AM


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