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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ok, so i am posting about June camp 1 day later than i have said, but who cares? =)

Day 1:

Everyone knew their groups and also their bunks. i was in bunk 103 with Willianto, Wesley, Lionel, Aderic and im not sure who else. We put our stuff in the bunk then we went down for a talk from Mdm Liew. She talked about what SLB is gonna do and stuff. Also said the current EXCO is like a dream team, since the school voted for them and stuff. ( I doubt so. ) Then at 9, Me, Lionel and Raymond went for training and stuff. When we finished our training we got back, and people were practicing dance and such for an unknown reason to me at that point of time, and my group was getting nowhere. Soon it was lunch, and i ate two servings!(OMG im so proud of myself =D ) along with Aderic i think. Lionel lost his appetite from Gastric. Tay Wen scalded his hand from boiling water for Lionel. After lunch was lecture, apparently( Referred to Sherry's blog.) The SLAB People introduced themselves and purposely put their ENG grade on to suan Khee Ern, but Hong You and Zu Yao's scores both lost to Khee Ern. They talked about some hierarchy thing and it was interesting enough to JUST keep me awake. We also had discussions on the roles of Juniors, Seniors, and Teachers and Administration. After that was apparently Xinmin Olympics ( referred to Sherry's blog again.) There were so many stations and so little time! There were 6 stations and my group managed to complete 5! Fastest group i think. First station for us was Tangle Baby. Y'know. the hand entangled and stuffs. The next was at SLR i think. Standing up at the same time thing. Did our group cheer( WHICH WASNT MUCH OF A CHEER) at almost every station. I forgot the order but i remembered there was Jun Wen's station where we had to find 12 pieces of paper with X's on it in the Orchid garden. Last one that wasn't found was in the drain. I found 5. Woo, highest scorer in my group. Then there was also Hui Wen's station with the balloons and stuff. SHE SPAMMED PICTURES WHILE WE WERE DOING THE ACTIVITY!!!! I remember the last station for my group was Denise's. Fixing a dunno-how-many-pieces puzzle in 20 mins. My group reached there and 1 min was left in the whole Olympics. so we didn't start at all! Next was SINGALONG! ( REFERRED TO SHERRY'S BLOG AGAIN) And the songs really rocked! We really bonded and such. Me and Shi Hui kept teasing Kaely. ( Love-sick!) After that was Alien Invasion. With the Bread + Honey + Macs Curry and stuff. Then with the crawling through 'cum'( starch[water with flour] actually ) and lastly with the room to find out who the alien was. Annabelle was soaking her feet in a basin of water. Hui Wen was being pessimistic by saying we would all perish. Wei Li was insane ( what a good actor) with the First Aid stuff. Eric was lying on the floor and saying some rubbish + making noises.( the actual alien)

DAY 2:

Woke and assembled at fitness corner for PT. But news that the girls toilet at D&T block was dirty. So the girls went to clean. Then news that Girls' canteen toilet dirty, so people were asked to clean. LASTLY, news that boys' toilet dirty with one sink clogged( Haha, not our fault. It was clogged before Alien Invasion i think.) Then the volleyball guys went for breakfast after everyone was called back. The rest of the campers did PT =D. After bout 5-10 minutes, all campers went back to the canteen cos there were too many casualties and Jun Wen gave up on the PT. Vballers went for training soon after. We skipped some colour game and Mrs Yeap's lecture on Public Speaking ( aww man i wanted to listen). It was SLB History/scavenger hunt after that. With some stuffs i knew already =O. We didn't find all so we had to do chicken dance in the middle of the parade square and be heard loud enough from the lecture room. We weren't loud enough so the Sec 3s taught us a cheer and we shouted our asses out =D. After that we had to create a cheer. We managed to create it somehow. When it was time for us to cheer, Samantha ( i think ) asked one of the SL staff to go to the 4th floor to hear us cheer. First time wasn't loud enough, 2nd time then it was really loud! And we taught the camp comm too! After this was dinner i think, then Mr Chew's lecture( where it was revealed i was in DB ). We had anoter singalong(WOOHOO) then we had the murdered activity =) Found some stupid clues and evidence and such. We had to piece together the story and such. My group's ( group 4 5 6 combined ) one was much closer than the other group's hypothesis! After that early morning we had Fire Drill. Two fire drills again since we took a long time and the girls left Shi Hui and Kaely sleeping in the bunks. The second fire drill was damn funny, and i think we took a long time. Denise went into my bunk ( BREACH OF CAMP RULES ) and woke Kah Wei up ( this time my bunk had all the vball guys [yg left cos he was injured] + kah wei ). Kah Wei woke me up ( apparently he told me i snored [that was another time]) and we both woke everyone else up. Then after getting all the boys up. me and Kah Wei went to the girls bunk to bang on their doors. & shout in to wake them up. We passed this fire drill and went to sleep.

Day 3:

I did Sentry Duty after the fire drill. Supposed to do from 2.50 am to 3.50, but then we were asked to go to sleep at about 3.30. David never did his duty ( RAWR )
It was PT after this. Breakfast after and Touching Lecture after this. Shan't elaborate =). After this was Amazing Race. It wasn't as amazing as SC's one, but i had fun walking. This was around Hougang area. Adam knew where every single station was cos' it was his 'territory', haha. Tay Wen's station was the most ridiculous! My group was second for this. bout 10 minutes slower than colin's group. We cheated on the last station anyways, Adam spotted a loophole in the instructions. =D. While waiting for the other groups we practised dance, and the other groups took almost an additional hour+++ to come back. Samantha's group was terribly lost. After that was more group time and then there was the Rehearsal for LOL Night. My group's choreo was totally messed up, cos in the last 15 minutes, camp comm added Xinying, Jihao and Adrian in our group. So we messed up in the rehearsal and the actual performance. LOL Night was really. Really. Crap. I Emceed for my group's activity like rubbish! i kept putting my mike too far from my mouth. So much for Enthusiasm. =O. After LOL Night. The campers had more Singalong + a mini lecture. Well, i cried cos i thought of how much responsibility i had shaken off during the Post MYE activities, letting dear Lily(inside thing ) Do everything. I ain't afraid of admitting i cried cos' it only makes me human =D. After this was bathing and then sleeping time! Group 5 and 6 didn't do sentry duty. RAWR.

Day 4. Rising shining! PT was captain's ball and all the volleyballers were on one side! After that was Breakfast, Camp Reflections, abit of singalong and then revealing of Warm Fuzzies! My WF was Shen yan. I was supposed to write to Denise! After much hugging and group hug of Mr Chew, there was a debrief of the whole camp. then we all went home! I went to eat with Raymond, Aderic, Kaely, Jihao and Shi Hui. When i reached home, Celine called me about stupid stuffs =P.

I perspired alot throughout the camp and Shihui was like. EE YOU ARE SO WET! Cos she kept hitting me after i hit her. Haha.



(dull tone) L~O~L~
L! ( clap ) O!( clap )L! ( clap clap clap clap )
L! ( clap ) O!( clap )L! ( clap clap clap clap )

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